Sichtwerk 2012

Corporate Identity | Editorial Design | Graphic Design | Signage System

For the exhibition of the design studies of the Folkwang University of Arts in 2012, I designed the new corporate identity as a member of the creative team. The „Sichtwerk“ is an exhibition organised by design students of our university, which presents their semester theses as well as interdisciplinary projects and gives an insight into the Folkwang UoA.

Through the new membership of the SANAA building to the Zollverein World Heritage Site and the subsequent possibility to hold the exhibition there, a new corporate identity had to be created. Based on the significant changes at the design department of the university, the motto “Design in Motion“ was born and inspired the creation of the logo. The rectangles of the Folkwang logo´s „F“ became moveable so that they create different forms. Only the main writing is fixed. The rectangles are also used as a design tool in other medias, by using alternate compositions. The geometry of the logo reflects the architecture of the SANAA-building.

The result is a comprehensive design concept with a catalogue, flyers, signage system, invitations, poster, signature, ads and much more.

Photos by Claudius Lazzeroni, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe